10 Steps To A Successful Dream Wedding

June 01, 2019

10 Steps To A Successful Dream Wedding

Ladies, you all know that nothing is as important as your wedding, everyone knows that too.  Interestingly not everyone gets a chance to have one: to have that wedding of their dreams, most people say a diamond is a girl's best friend, but weddings are a lady's best fantasy and her sweetest dream.

While we agree and we know most importantly that your dream wedding requires a touch of class, an expression of your style and all the eye-popping collections of wedding paraphernalia’s such as tiaras, dresses and footwear that will make you stand out.

This is why we have put together a list of steps to achieve that dream of your choice.

  • Work on your budget
  • Choose the theme of your wedding?
  • What time is it
  • Location, location, location
  • Select the right team
  • How you dress is, is how you will be addressed
  • Choose your ring
  • Don’t forget photos
  • Add some color with natural flowers
  • Don’t forget the guest list



Yes, it’s your best day but spending money on your wedding without being realistic on your budget is something you should take a serious look. Make spending decision with your partner, and finalize a baseline idea about the wedding costs encompassing guest counts, venue, catering, and other key details. A budget prioritized wisely saves you a great deal of troubles later. Be your own boss when it comes to managing the wedding cost.

Wedding is just like every other project, and it is most successful when effectively planned, promptly and properly.

Dear ladies nothing is better than planning your dream wedding with a budget in mind, regardless of how you may have imagined how that special day will be: either a quiet wedding by the lake or a grand wedding at Westminster abbey or the palace of Versailles in France, you need to draw out a budget to ensure success and a hitch-free day.

Contained within a budget are prices of all you need from the venues, rings to the costume and dresses for the bride and her train, cost of photography, decoration, catering and even the honeymoon and much more.



Because weddings are exceptional, personal and spectacular, most people plan their weddings based on a specific theme and believe it or not there are extensive lists of themes to choose from. Wedding themes involve but are not limited to the hues and shades of different colors that will be dominant during the wedding, the number of flowers and decorations that will be present in the ambiance, the arrangement of the venue etc.

There are over a hundred wedding themes to choose from, themes like a game of Thrones inspired wedding to a titanic-esque wedding on a boat cruise.

The wedding destination, the number of guests to be invited and styles of clothing from superhero inspired gowns to vintage outfits of any kind, all of these and more are always put into consideration when determining the theme of your wedding.

 No matter your theme of choice from vintage to bold bohemian style to the rustic or the sublime garden wedding theme you can get any outfit of choice from our stores.



Except it is included in the program, no bride wears a fancy raincoat, and Wellington boots for their wedding. No one will be pleased to see their guest stuck in the mud or frozen on their seats out in the field under the snow.

So when planning your marriage find out the perfect season, a season with the most favorable weather, one that won’t leave you, your loved ones and guests scrambling for cover or shivering to their toes.




To get that wedding of your, choice has a lot to do with where the wedding holds and as usual location, location, location are the three most important keywords.

You are free to choose a small chapel in Naples or a large cathedral in England or the azure blue seas of Bora Bora in Tahiti or that beach where you had your first kiss but whatever the location, make it memorable.



You must have heard that ‘the teamwork makes the dream work,' this holds for weddings also. Your team involves everyone from the bridal crews to the wedding planner, photographers and the list could be endless dependent on your plans. Choosing your team early and assigning them tasks is very important for any bride looking to have a dream wedding.

If you are at loss of the costume and apparel your team will put on, we are a brand that you can trust.




One of the most critical moments in a wedding for every lady is the part when she melts the heart of her groom to be, the moment she brings smiles to the faces of her friends and well-wishers and arouses envy from onlookers with how she looks    when she steps out in her dress on that memorable day. Truth be told not everyone wants to look like a princess on that day, some  want to look like a queen, but we all agree that every bride wants to be the most beautiful person in the room adorned in the cutest outfit. for more dresses ideas Click here https://www.channybrideandbeyond.com/collections/bride





















For many, the choice of a wedding ring is as essential as the wedding outfits and just like what icing does to a cake, a great ring not only beautifies, it also signifies how much the bride means to the groom as it is that piece of jewelry always found on the bride.

Therefore choosing a ring should be done with utmost care and of course before the wedding.



Because weddings are a collection of lovely moments all pieced together, with each part as useful as the other. The part called photography is equally important as others because of the role it plays in the present and the role it plays for posterity.

From pre-wedding shoots which acts as teasers to photographs of the event itself, nothing preserves the memories of the present for generations to come like photography, interestingly the more fun looking and great looking your wedding pictures are the more enjoyable they will be when viewed years later.



No matter what theme you choose, flowers are essential for weddings, but due to the cost of natural flowers and their non-ubiquitous nature, most weddings are often decorated with artificial flowers, while this may seem fair natural flowers are much better and your dream wedding should be filled  with natural flowers, from the bouquet to anywhere flowers are found as a reminder  of how "natural" your love came to you.



In conclusion, the presence of friends, family and loved ones is what makes weddings both memorable and enjoyable, and trust me because of the dynamism of most families a guest list should be drawn and followed to the detail


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