3 Tips on Finding Your Dream Dress

3 Tips on Finding Your Dream Dress

3  Tips on Finding Your Dream Dress. Mobile Image

Aug 02, 2021

Finding your dream dress can be one of the most exciting moments on your wedding journey. Below are three simple tips on how to ease the stress of finding your dress!


1. Follow your heart


With so many types and different styles of gowns available nowadays, it can be down right overwhelming and a deliberate chore if you attempt to try on every wedding dress you see. To avoid looking like a deer in headlights, have a general idea of what you like by trying on a few different silhouettes. Listen to your heart as you watch yourself in each dress! Pay close attention to how you feel. Listen to how others react to seeing you in each gown. Remember, you don't have to be an expert in lace and fabrics to know how a dress makes you feel! Pay attention to your initial reaction! Your party may love the dress, but more importantly, do you love it? Do you feel beautiful? Only you can answer these questions with a sincere heart.


2. Keep the Time in Mind


Bear in mind that your made-to-order dream dress may take six months or longer from the time of your purchase for it to ship. Therefore, it is important to start looking for your gown at least one year before your big day or as soon as possible. Such space will allow for the gown to not only ship in time, but also allow for basic alterations needed to finalize your complete look!


3. Seek Attentive Care


Aside from important things to consider such as your budget, time frame, and style, it will serve you well, bringing you peace of mind, to search for a bridal shop that will attend well to your needs. A shop where the staff listens to your vision, and walks alongside you all the way - from the day you say "yes" to the dress, to when your gown ships, to picking up your gown after your final fitting with the seamstress! Find a boutique that will listen to what your heart wants and offer the best options and suggestions you need. Find a bridal shop you trust that will help turn your dream dress into reality with ease.


Happy Gown Shopping