A-line or Align?

A-line or Align?

A-line or Align?. Mobile Image

Mar 24, 2021

Engaged to be married, and clueless as to where to start with wedding planning? If so, I imagine you might be frantically thinking along these lines: "Do I pick my venue first or my dress first? At what point do we send out wedding invitations? How do we even begin to narrow down our never ending guest list? Will my second cousin on my dad's side be offended if I don't invite her (even though we haven't spoken in over 10 years?) What type of wedding dress will I buy? Will the dress even look good on me?" 


Finding a dress may have been your sister's first step on her march down the aisle, but what will your first step be? Before you begin to answer that question, might I first offer a few suggestions? 


* Take a deep breath! 

* Slow down! 

* Celebrate! 


Relish in this moment. Marvel in the fact that you are getting married! Let this celebratory and joyful moment seep in. The man of your dreams has just muscled up the courage to ask you (his dream girl) to spend a lifetime with him! So whether he asked you in a room full of people closest to you, or on an intimate walk, catching the sunset, with just the two of you, he asked! And more excitingly, you said "YES"! 


It is from this perspective - one of joy, gratitude, and excitement - that we at Channy Bride & Beyond encourage you to approach your wedding planning. Not from a posture of panic or pressure, but one of promise and praise! 


Though easier said than done, Channy Bride & Beyond invites you to resist getting so bogged down and overwhelmed with wedding details that you lose focus on the joy, celebration, and magic of this moment. You are getting married! He asked! And you said “YES”! You have finally found love, and love has finally found you! As often as you need this reminder on your journey down the aisle to forever, let this blog post jog your memory. Because the truth of the matter is this: 


  • Whether you choose a gown that is A-line, mermaid, sheath, ballgown, or something completely outside of the box, you are going to be beautiful on your special day, and everything will Align!
  • Whether you start with dress shopping, with making your guest list, or with setting a date and sending out wedding invites, everyone who needs to attend will be present to celebrate you on your special day, and everything will Align
  • Whether you serve cake, ice cream, cookies, or caramel popcorn. Whether you choose pink iris' or white roses with yellow baby breaths, your day will be well photographed, and everything will Align!
  • Whether you have a civil ceremony, get married in your mom's backyard, or book the most expensive venue in the city, like wine, you and your future husband's love for each other will grow overtime as your lives Align.  

Planning for a wedding is exciting, fun, event-full, and also comes with a level of stress that is inevitable. We acknowledge the level of detail and planning that goes into such a sacred ceremony. However, don't let your focus on the details make you miss out on the magic of the moment. Every bride approaches planning for her wedding differently. Yet, the start and the finish are the same. On whatever step you now find yourself as you plan for your special day, it is our hope for you at Channy Bride & Beyond that you remain joy-filled and celebrated! 

There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. Don't let Shouldbe and her first cousins Ithastobe and Supposedtobe rob you of the joy and promise of this moment. This moment is yours. You will never get it back again. Enjoy it! Approach your wedding planning as you would your march down the aisle - one step at a time. Check off one thing-to-do at a time. Celebrate in between! Pause when you need to, and breathe deeply. Trust your process and know that everything will come together beautifully.  And whichever gown silhouette you choose - A-line or not - all your planning will come together, and everything will Align!