Enjoy the B-Ride !!!

Enjoy the B-Ride !!!

Enjoy the B-Ride !!!. Mobile Image

Apr 30, 2021

Dictionaries define the word bride as a noun referring to “a woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event.” I can’t help but notice the word “ride” in bride.

How fitting to describe the breadth of your eventful experience ahead.

Undoubtedly, all journeys are marked with a start and a set destination.

Nevertheless, it is what happens on the journey that makes the ride memorable and worthwhile.

The best road trips to me are accompanied by those with whom I can laugh hard, cry safely, and have heartfelt and honest conversation.

Though not exhaustive, nor listed in any particular order, memorable road trips for me also include good music across the genres,
passionate singing, yummy food, occasional fuel and rest stops, scenic views, and best of all—fresh air!

Oh, and don’t forget to leave room for the unpredictables.

You know—the flat tires, the pot holes, the bumps in the road, the traffic jams, the detours, the traffic tickets, wayside accidents, and the like.

Because the truth of the matter is this: whether we plan for them or not, they will plan for us, patiently awaiting our arrival.

Given their unshakably undeniable existence, it is best to be prepared whenever they do visit.

This is no cause for alarm any more than hiccups are a part of breathing.

They simply are what they are.

We approach them, we deal with them,

we get passed them, and the journey continues.

One rule of thumb is to keep the unpredictables in proper perspective, not making them any larger than what they are—they are only part of the journey, not the whole of it!

To every bride approaching your wedding day or just married, whether weeks away from your wedding, hours from your wedding, a day married, or months into your marriage, your journey has just begun.

Remember, it’s not about who gets “there” fastest or who had the “better” start.

It’s about enjoying the journey.

May your journey ahead be memorable and worthwhile, full of blessings, and laughter.

And when the tears and unpredictables happen, may you too have good company to comfort you, and the grace to grow through hardship.

May you develop grit, character, and wisdom through the hard times, and find strength to just keep going!

To every bride, enjoy the ride!