SAY YES TO...NO STRESS. Mobile Image

Feb 08, 2021

So you’ve already said “yes” to the right guy, but you have yet to say “yes” to the right gown.  And not just to any gown, but to the gown of your dreams. To the gown that not only accentuates your frame but furthermore, accentuates your frame in areas you didn’t even know could be accentuated. To the gown in which you are lit up—lit up like both a Christmas tree and the North star combined, guiding everyone in your wedding party to the light! To the gown that checks all the boxes:  


Feel of the wedding ☑

How you look ☑

How you feel ☑

Comfortability ☑

Price point ☑



At Channy Bride & Beyond, we know what it’s like to see a bride lit up in a gown that checks all her boxes—so much so that she emphatically says “yes” to the dress! We get the privilege of bearing witness to this magical experience on a daily basis. We know from experience that shopping for a gown can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! If finding your person wasn’t overwhelming, confusing and intimidating—and we hope it wasn’t—then finding your gown shouldn’t be either! It is our aim at Channy Bride & Beyond to simplify your bridal shopping experience and add fun to the mix! Getting married is a BIG deal!  We acknowledge it!  We celebrate it!  We love it! Marriage is a BIG step that should be met with praise, celebration, and blessing! Merely selling a gown comes second by a landslide to our mission to Assist, Celebrate, and Create life moments for brides.  At Channy Bride & Beyond, it gives us sheer joy to see brides not just say “YES” to the dress, but more excitingly, say “YES” to the dress  with NO STRESS!