Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Fashion has never been more focused on personal style than it is now - especially with brides! In the past, weddings were steeped in tradition, custom, and a long list of style expectations (and they still are in some ways), but these days, after a year at home, couples must decide what they actually want and how to express themselves not only at the ceremony, but at all events leading up to the wedding. There are many fashion trends that our brides can explore in 2022 with the help of our professionals here at Channy Bride & Beyond in North Carolina.
A few of our favorites are listed below:


Dramatic Sleeves


A favorite wedding dress style for 2022 will definitely have bishop or puffed sleeves. They create a romantic and volumized look that perfectly frames your upper body on your wedding day. There really isn't anything wrong with this. It's sexy, bohemian, and sweet! It’s also great for weddings that take place during colder months for a little extra coverage.


Lace Details


Lace wedding dresses are often thought of as more traditional wedding gowns, however, they really are a lot more special than that. Stunning lace wedding gowns will be all the rage in 2022, with lace being one of the most beautiful ways to decorate a gown! You will feel like a princess on your wedding day with this feminine, delicate, and intricate gown!


Leg Slits


Dresses with slits in the leg are always a fan favorite! A wedding dress with that style has such a flirty, romantic appeal. Additionally, if you choose something more flashy for your wedding, it allows you to show off your heels. This dress is both sophisticated and sexy!


Short Gowns


What we’re noticing with 2022 bridal trends is that a lot of them are focused on being different from your traditional gown. This is what we love about this particular style! Having a shorter wedding dress, especially one with a sheer overlay like this gown, offers a modern appeal that feels trendy without trying too hard. Plus, you get to show off your killer legs and heels!




We love a good jumpsuit for brides who want something different from the typical wedding dress look. This is a powerful look. Your wedding jumpsuit will not be forgotten! It’s such a modern take on a wedding day look.


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