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Our Bridal Appointment







  • A 90-minute appointment with a dedicated expert bridal stylist
  • Ongoing support through calls and texts from your stylist, helping you navigate wedding fashion choices throughout your engagement
  • Accommodation for up to 4 guests + the bride in one of our 3 bridal seating areas
  • Explore our gown collection, ranging from $2000 to $6000, with a diverse selection between $2500 and $3500


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Accessory/Veil Appointment


  • Enjoy a 1-hour session guided by a dedicated bridal stylist
  • Up to 4 guests to share in this special moment with the bride
  • Explore our range of high-end handmade accessories, priced from $250-$1500
  • Custom-made veils starting at $550-$1500


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Your Exclusive VIP Event


A 2 hour personalized event with a Senior Stylist


  • Bride + Up To 9 Guests
  • Mimosa Or Pink Lemonade (2 Bottles Of Champagne), Coffee If Needed
  • Sweet Treats (Bundt Minis)
  • Customized Styling Session
  • Custom Playlist And Surprises For The Bride!
  • Signature Bridal Bag



  • $100 Of Fee Will Be Applied Towards The Wedding Gown, If Purchased On Day Of The VIP Appointment
  • Enjoy 10-20% off Accessories ( up to $ 150)


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Alteration Appointment


  • Custom Fit: We ensure your gown fits you perfectly
  • Bridal Team Support: Our alteration services extend to your entire bridal party
  • Transformative Touch: we can transform your wedding dress into a cherished keepsake, allowing you to preserve the memories of your special day in a unique way
  • Wedding dress alterations start at $550


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 Appointments submitted here are a request, and we will contact you to confirm your appointment's day and time after reviewing our schedule.