Our Bridal Services

Day-of Stylist and Dress Concierge 

(Be the QUEEN on Your Day)


Enhance Your Wedding Experience with Our Exclusive Bridal Concierge Service





Pre-Wedding Preparations:


  • Personalized Style Consultation: We'll work closely with you to confirm your desired look before the big day, ensuring every detail is tailored to your vision.
  • Detailed Timeline Planning: Our expert team will create a comprehensive timeline for the services, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.


On the Wedding Day:


Indulge in a range of services designed to make you and you bridal party feel pampered and stunningly beautiful throughout your wedding day:


  • Impeccable Dress Care and accessories: Our skilled stylists will press and steam your wedding gown and veil to perfection. Prepare all your accessories before the first pictures are taken by the photographer. After that, she will double-check the dress's appearance before you put it on.

  • Dressing Assistance: We'll be by your side, assisting you with dressing up in your dream gown. Capture the heartwarming moment of your gown being zipped up with your loved ones, creating lasting memories. Our stylist can remain at the venue for as long as you need. Your guests don't have to worry about fluffing your train or how your veil will look when you walk down the aisle.

  • Fashion Emergency Support: Should any unexpected fashion emergencies arise, like broken straps or stuck zippers, our team will be there to handle them swiftly and efficiently.

  • Pre-Ceremony Preparations: We'll collaborate with your photographer to style your wedding gown for stunning pre-ceremony photos. Afterward, we'll provide a touch-up press to ensure you're picture-perfect.

  • Aisle-Ready Preparation: Before you make your grand entrance, our team will fluff your gown's train and ensure your veil is flawless, so you exude elegance and confidence as you walk down the aisle.

  • Post-Ceremony Assistance: We treat your wedding photos as a special photoshoot, meticulously tending to every fashion detail, allowing your photographer to focus on capturing the perfect moments.

  • Bustling and Veil Removal: Once the wedding photos are complete, we'll expertly bustle your gown and delicately remove your veil, so you can comfortably celebrate and dance the night away. Let your guests and bridesmaids enjoy your special day with you while we take care of your overall appearance.


Bonus Wedding Day Video:


As an added treat, we'll provide a beautifully edited video highlighting the best moments of your wedding day, ready for you to share with loved ones the next day.


You can always add Post-Wedding Services:


To ensure your gown receives the utmost care even after the wedding day, we offer the following services:
Convenient Gown Pickup and Preservation: Our stylist will arrange the pickup of your wedding gown for professional cleaning and preservation. It will then be safely returned to the location of your choice (30 miles or less), keeping your cherished memories intact.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes and No! As much as we would love to help every bride, we want to make sure CBB brides are taken care of first, then if our availability allows, we would love to help other brides, regardless of where they purchased their gown.

We offer flexible timing options. Typically, we'll meet you in your hotel room or home,
wherever you're getting ready, on the morning of your wedding and stay until your gown is bustled and ready. We cater to your unique schedule.

Please contact us to check our availability for your desired date. We strive to accommodate as many brides as possible.

Pricing varies depending on your unique schedule and needs. We offer both full-day and pressing-only packages to suit your requirements.

Currently, Our stylists are assisting brides in various parts of the Triangle area and beyond. We're delighted to cater to your needs, as long as it’s 1h or less driving.