So you have officially made your appointment to become a Channy's Bride!! We are so excited for you and we cannot wait to help you select the perfect dress for your big day! You probably have a million questions racing through your head. Don't worry this is all normal; no you are not crazy LOL! Here you'll find a few things to help you prepare for your visit at Channy Bride & Beyond.

  • We prefer five or less guests for our Bridal Appointment.
  • The reason for limiting the # of guests is to ensure the bride (meaning you!), has the best experience possible. We want to keep all of the attention on you!
  • We want you to have a memorable shopping experience and that means choosing guests whose opinion's you value most! Remember this is YOUR moment to shine. 
  • We always want to accommodate our Channy's Brides the best that we can! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask us while booking your appointment.

Your visit at Channy Bride & Beyond will be 1hr and 30min long. We reserve 1 hour to try on wedding dresses and 30 minutes for a "Say Yes to the Dress" celebration!! 

  • NOTE: Due to the length of our appointments we feel it is best to keep the little ones at home if possible, but If you do not have child care at the time of your appointment, you will need to designate one of your guests as a chaperone/sitter for your little one throughout the appointment.
  • We suggest bringing or wearing a strapless bra. However, if you don't own one, don't rush to Target last minute, they are not mandatory!
  • Some brides prefer to wear shape wear, such as Spanx. Again, this is only a suggestion (let's be honest, Spanx are uncomfortable anyways!)
  • Aside from undergarments, some of our Brides like to bring a couple pairs of heels. That way when you find your dress you can slip them on and get ideas of heel heights for shoe shopping! 
  • If it is rainy or snowy, plan ahead and ask your guests to bring a pair of slip ons to keep our floors clean and dry for our white gowns.
  • If you have any magazine clippings, photos, or pins on your Pinterest board be sure to bring those too!
  • When you arrive you will be greeted by your personal stylist then have a mini-consultation with your stylist to discuss what you are looking for in a wedding dress and the overall vision of your wedding.
  • Questions to have in mind:
    • How much are you looking to spend?
      • Price is a personal choice when it comes to purchasing your wedding dress and something to discuss before your appointment, especially if there will be multiple people chipping in.
      • Our pricing starts at around $900 and goes up to $3,650 for special orders with our current designers. 
      • We also offer a large selection of discontinued gowns. These are no longer available for reorder but are available off the rack. These styles are marked down 30-50%.
    • How long does order time take?
      • Even though we live in a fast paced society, where drones can deliver a package the same day you ordered it, bridal does not operate the same way. Since our designers are cut-to-order, it takes anywhere from 4-7 months for your special order dress to arrive. You will also want to allow another 4-8 weeks for alterations, prior to your wedding. 
      • Overall, we typically recommend purchasing your wedding dress 9-12 months prior to the wedding, if not earlier!

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Yes, due to covid we're currently by appointment only.